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MDL-45260 Memcache session support does not work for multiple servers

parent 83ddacff
......@@ -92,9 +92,22 @@ class memcache extends handler {
throw new exception('sessionhandlerproblem', 'error', '', null,
'$CFG->session_memcache_save_path must be specified in config.php');
// Check in case anybody mistakenly includes tcp://, which you
// would do in the raw PHP config. We require the same format as
// for memcached (without tcp://). Otherwse the code that splits it into
// individual servers won't have worked properly.
if (strpos($this->savepath, 'tcp://') !== false) {
throw new exception('sessionhandlerproblem', 'error', '', null,
'$CFG->session_memcache_save_path should not contain tcp://');
ini_set('session.save_handler', 'memcache');
ini_set('session.save_path', $this->savepath);
// The format of save_path is different for memcache (compared to memcached).
// We are using the same format in config.php to avoid confusion.
// It has to have tcp:// at the start of each entry.
$memcacheformat = preg_replace('~(^|,\s*)~','$1tcp://', $this->savepath);
ini_set('session.save_path', $memcacheformat);
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