Commit f0f38bf1 authored by Ryan Wyllie's avatar Ryan Wyllie
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MDL-60657 core: fix upgrade notice modal header padding

parent c8e77777
......@@ -1898,7 +1898,7 @@ class core_renderer extends renderer_base {
$output = $this->box_start('generalbox modal modal-dialog modal-in-page show', 'notice');
$output .= $this->box_start('modal-content', 'modal-content');
$output .= $this->box_start('modal-header', 'modal-header');
$output .= $this->box_start('modal-header p-x-1', 'modal-header');
$output .= html_writer::tag('h4', get_string('confirm'));
$output .= $this->box_end();
$output .= $this->box_start('modal-body', 'modal-body');
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