Commit edf10280 authored by Dan Poltawski's avatar Dan Poltawski
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Merge branch 'MDL-58023_behat_find_node_in_navigation_improvement_master' of...

Merge branch 'MDL-58023_behat_find_node_in_navigation_improvement_master' of
parents bcd510e3 01f2a530
......@@ -944,4 +944,22 @@ class behat_base extends Behat\MinkExtension\Context\RawMinkContext {
return $DB->get_record('user', ['id' => $userid]);
* Trigger click on node via javascript instead of actually clicking on it via pointer.
* This function resolves the issue of nested elements with click listeners or links - in these cases clicking via
* the pointer may accidentally cause a click on the wrong element.
* Example of issue: clicking to expand navigation nodes when the config value linkadmincategories is enabled.
* @param NodeElement $node
protected function js_trigger_click($node) {
if (!$this->running_javascript()) {
$this->ensure_node_is_visible($node); // Ensures hidden elements can't be clicked.
$xpath = $node->getXpath();
$script = "{{ELEMENT}})";
$this->getSession()->getDriver()->triggerSynScript($xpath, $script);
......@@ -290,21 +290,7 @@ class behat_navigation extends behat_base {
if ($pnode && $this->running_javascript() && $pnode->hasAttribute('aria-expanded') &&
($pnode->getAttribute('aria-expanded') == "false")) {
// If node is a link then some driver click in the middle of the node, which click on link and
// page gets redirected. To ensure expansion works in all cases, check if the node to expand is a
// link and if yes then click on link and wait for it to navigate to next page with node expanded.
$nodetoexpandliteral = behat_context_helper::escape($parentnodes[$i]);
$nodetoexpandxpathlink = $pnodexpath . "/a[normalize-space(.)=" . $nodetoexpandliteral . "]";
if ($nodetoexpandlink = $node->find('xpath', $nodetoexpandxpathlink)) {
$behatgeneralcontext = behat_context_helper::get('behat_general');
} else {
// Wait for node to load, if not loaded before.
if ($pnode->hasAttribute('data-loaded') && $pnode->getAttribute('data-loaded') == "false") {
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