Commit ed6d81c9 authored by Damyon Wiese's avatar Damyon Wiese
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MDL-59973 calendar: Remove duplication

The function calendar_get_default_courses is responsible for loading all variants of calendar
course lists.

1 the list of courses that the current user will see events for in the site calendar.
2 the list of courses the current user will see when they are looking at a specific course calendar.
3 the list of course calendars the current user can create / edit events in.
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......@@ -2139,16 +2139,21 @@ function calendar_delete_event_allowed($event) {
* @param int $courseid (optional) If passed, an additional course can be returned for admins (the current course).
* @param string $fields Comma separated list of course fields to return.
* @param bool $canmanage If true, this will return the list of courses the current user can create events in, rather
* than the list of courses they see events from (an admin can always add events in a course
* calendar, even if they are not enrolled in the course).
* @return array $courses Array of courses to display
function calendar_get_default_courses($courseid = null, $fields = '*') {
function calendar_get_default_courses($courseid = null, $fields = '*', $canmanage=false) {
global $CFG, $DB;
if (!isloggedin()) {
return array();
if (has_capability('moodle/calendar:manageentries', context_system::instance()) && !empty($CFG->calendar_adminseesall)) {
if (has_capability('moodle/calendar:manageentries', context_system::instance()) &&
(!empty($CFG->calendar_adminseesall) || $canmanage)) {
// Add a c. prefix to every field as expected by get_courses function.
$fieldlist = explode(',', $fields);
......@@ -2428,11 +2433,7 @@ function calendar_get_all_allowed_types() {
// This function warms the context cache for the course so the calls
// to load the course context in calendar_get_allowed_types don't result
// in additional DB queries.
if (has_capability('moodle/calendar:manageentries', context_system::instance())) {
$courses = get_courses('all', 'c.shortname', 'c.*');
} else {
$courses = calendar_get_default_courses();
$courses = calendar_get_default_courses(null, '*', true);
// We want to pre-fetch all of the groups for each course in a single
// query to avoid calendar_get_allowed_types from hitting the DB for
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