Commit e9c99674 authored by moodler's avatar moodler
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Missing sesskey parameter. Merged from Stable. (SE)

parent e33e44c0
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@
if (ismoving($SITE->id)) {
$stractivityclipboard = strip_tags(get_string('activityclipboard', '', addslashes($USER->activitycopyname)));
echo '<p><font size="2">';
echo "$stractivityclipboard&nbsp;&nbsp;(<a href=\"course/mod.php?cancelcopy=true\">". get_string('cancel') .'</a>)';
echo "$stractivityclipboard&nbsp;&nbsp;(<a href=\"course/mod.php?cancelcopy=true&amp;sesskey=$USER->sesskey\">". get_string('cancel') .'</a>)';
echo '</font></p>';
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