Commit e99033b0 authored by Sam Hemelryk's avatar Sam Hemelryk
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NOBUG: Documenting CFG->extramemorylimit within config-dist

parent 2846b9a6
......@@ -349,6 +349,15 @@ $CFG->admin = 'admin';
// $CFG->lang = 'yourlangcode'; // for example 'cs'
// When Moodle is about to perform an intensive operation it sets a memory limit
// it thinks is suitable for the required operation. The following settings should
// be turned on for large sites and is used to ensure that the memory limit is
// only raised if the current memory limit is lower than the currently set memory
// limit in PHP.
// $CFG->extramemorylimit = true;
// 8. SETTINGS FOR DEVELOPMENT SERVERS - not intended for production use!!!
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