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MDL-21250 capital letters removal

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......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ $string['encryptedcode'] = 'Encrypted code';
$string['filenotfound'] = 'File not found, sorry.';
$string['filterfiles'] = 'Use filters on file content';
$string['filterfilesexplain'] = 'Select type of file content filtering, please note this may cause problems for some Flash and Java applets. Please make sure that all text files are in UTF-8 encoding.';
$string['filtername'] = 'Resource Names Auto-linking';
$string['filtername'] = 'Resource names auto-linking';
$string['forcedownload'] = 'Force download';
$string['framesize'] = 'Frame height';
$string['legacyfiles'] = 'Migration of old course file';
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