Commit e1efcbd1 authored by Simey Lameze's avatar Simey Lameze Committed by David Monllaó
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MDL-50959 gradebook: fix XML grade export

parent 193f5d40
......@@ -68,7 +68,6 @@ class grade_export_xml extends grade_export {
foreach ($userdata->grades as $itemid => $grade) {
$grade_item = $this->grade_items[$itemid];
$grade->grade_item =& $grade_item;
$gradestr = $this->format_grade($grade, $this->displaytype); // no formating for now
// MDL-11669, skip exported grades or bad grades (if setting says so)
if ($export_tracking) {
......@@ -90,10 +89,15 @@ class grade_export_xml extends grade_export {
fwrite($handle, "\t\t<student>{$user->idnumber}</student>\n");
// Format and display the grade in the selected display type (real, letter, percentage).
if (is_array($this->displaytype)) {
// Grades display type came from the return of export_bulk_export_data() on grade publishing.
foreach ($this->displaytype as $gradedisplayconst) {
$gradestr = $this->format_grade($grade, $gradedisplayconst);
fwrite($handle, "\t\t<score>$gradestr</score>\n");
} else {
// Grade display type submitted directly from the grade export form.
$gradestr = $this->format_grade($grade, $this->displaytype);
fwrite($handle, "\t\t<score>$gradestr</score>\n");
if ($this->export_feedback) {
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