Commit d774e817 authored by David Mudrak's avatar David Mudrak
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MDL-25316 quiz_get_extra_capabilities() does not need to fetch subcapabilities explicitly

parent 61869c55
......@@ -1625,11 +1625,9 @@ function quiz_supports($feature) {
* @return array all other caps used in module
function quiz_get_extra_capabilities() {
global $DB, $CFG;
global $CFG;
$caps = question_get_all_capabilities();
$reportcaps = $DB->get_records_select_menu('capabilities', 'name LIKE ?', array('quizreport/%'), 'id,name');
$caps = array_merge($caps, $reportcaps);
$caps[] = 'moodle/site:accessallgroups';
return $caps;
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