Commit d735cb52 authored by Jake Dallimore's avatar Jake Dallimore
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Merge branch 'MDL-60830-master' of git://

parents d470de67 46ea440b
......@@ -453,7 +453,11 @@ class core_enrol_external extends external_api {
$results = array();
$requiredfields = ['id', 'fullname', 'profileimageurl', 'profileimageurlsmall'];
// Add also extra user fields.
$requiredfields = array_merge(
['id', 'fullname', 'profileimageurl', 'profileimageurlsmall'],
foreach ($users['users'] as $id => $user) {
// Note: We pass the course here to validate that the current user can at least view user details in this course.
// The user we are looking at is not in this course yet though - but we only fetch the minimal set of
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