Commit d0c2bc64 authored by Mike Grant's avatar Mike Grant Committed by Eloy Lafuente
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MDL-49276 config-dist: Removed legacy config options

Both $CFG->logsql and $CFG->dblogerror had no use in moodle core
since ages ago (just the former had one use for nothing). Good time
to get rid of both as they are 100% misleading.
parent 4501ee4b
......@@ -346,15 +346,6 @@ $CFG->admin = 'admin';
// $CFG->forcefirstname = 'Bruce';
// $CFG->forcelastname = 'Simpson';
// The following setting will turn SQL Error logging on. This will output an
// entry in apache error log indicating the position of the error and the statement
// called. This option will action disregarding error_reporting setting.
// $CFG->dblogerror = true;
// The following setting will log every database query to a table called adodb_logsql.
// Use this setting on a development server only, the table grows quickly!
// $CFG->logsql = true;
// The following setting will turn on username logging into Apache log. For full details regarding setting
// up of this function please refer to the install section of the document.
// $CFG->apacheloguser = 0; // Turn this feature off. Default value.
......@@ -711,7 +702,7 @@ $CFG->admin = 'admin';
// (the basic and behat_* ones) to avoid problems with production environments. This setting can be
// used to expand the default white list with an array of extra settings.
// Example:
// $CFG->behat_extraallowedsettings = array('logsql', 'dblogerror');
// $CFG->behat_extraallowedsettings = array('somecoresetting', ...);
// You should explicitly allow the usage of the deprecated behat steps, otherwise an exception will
// be thrown when using them. The setting is disabled by default.
......@@ -683,11 +683,6 @@ if (!defined('NO_UPGRADE_CHECK') and isset($CFG->upgraderunning)) {
// Turn on SQL logging if required
if (!empty($CFG->logsql)) {
// enable circular reference collector in PHP 5.3,
// it helps a lot when using large complex OOP structures such as in amos or gradebook
if (function_exists('gc_enable')) {
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