Commit cc26cb3b authored by Dongsheng Cai's avatar Dongsheng Cai Committed by Eloy Lafuente
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MDL-10783, added span class and tag title

parent 7b8b3662
......@@ -160,6 +160,7 @@ $string['searchresult'] = 'Search results:';
$string['searchwikis'] = 'Search wikis';
$string['special'] = 'Special';
$string['tagsdeleted'] = 'Wiki tags have been deleted';
$string['tagtitle'] = 'See the "{$a}" tag';
$string['teacherrating'] = 'Teacher rating';
$string['timesrating']='This page has been rated {$a->c} times with an average of: {$a->s}';
$string['updatedpages'] = "Updated pages";
......@@ -1195,11 +1195,11 @@ function wiki_print_page_content($page, $context, $subwikiid) {
if (!empty($CFG->usetags)) {
$tags = tag_get_tags_array('wiki_pages', $page->id);
echo $OUTPUT->container_start('wiki-tags');
echo '<span>'.get_string('tags').': </span>';
echo '<span class="wiki-tags-title">'.get_string('tags').': </span>';
$links = array();
foreach ($tags as $tagid=>$tag) {
$url = new moodle_url('/tag/index.php', array('tag'=>$tag));
$links[] = html_writer::link($url, $tag);
$links[] = html_writer::link($url, $tag, array('title'=>get_string('tagtitle', 'wiki', $tag)));
echo join($links, ", ");
echo $OUTPUT->container_end();
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