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Merge branch 'MDL-60925-master' of git://

parents c1cd2924 b3480499
......@@ -201,10 +201,13 @@ function theme_build_css_for_themes($themeconfigs = [], $directions = ['rtl', 'l
// First generate all the new css.
foreach ($directions as $direction) {
// Lock it on. Technically we should build all themes for SVG and no SVG - but ie9 is out of support.
$themeconfig->set_rtl_mode(($direction === 'rtl'));
$themecss[$direction] = $themeconfig->get_css_content();
if ($cache) {
$filename = theme_get_css_filename($themeconfig->name, $themerev, $newrevision, $direction);
css_store_css($themeconfig, $filename, $themecss[$direction]);
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