Commit b930e200 authored by Marina Glancy's avatar Marina Glancy Committed by David Monllaó
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MDL-48239 grades: corrected docs url for calculation changes

parent 0c896009
......@@ -671,7 +671,7 @@ function print_natural_aggregation_upgrade_notice($courseid, $context, $thispage
} else {
$a->currentversion = $CFG->release;
$a->url = get_docs_url('Gradebook_calculations_changes');
$a->url = get_docs_url('Gradebook_calculation_changes');
$message = get_string('gradebookcalculationswarning', 'grades', $a);
$fixmessage = get_string('gradebookcalculationsfixbutton', 'grades');
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