Commit ac1c66a0 authored by Andrew Nicols's avatar Andrew Nicols
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MDL-55528 fileconverter_unoconv: Unit test correction

parent 7f2d58bf
......@@ -83,21 +83,18 @@ class fileconverter_unoconv_converter_testcase extends advanced_testcase {
$testfile = $fs->create_file_from_pathname($filerecord, $source);
$converter = $this->get_testable_mock();
$conversion = new \core_files\conversion(0, (object) [
'targetformat' => 'pdf',
// Convert the document.
$result = $converter->start_document_conversion($testfile, 'pdf');
$result = $conversion->get_destfile();
$this->assertSame('application/pdf', $result->get_mimetype());
$this->assertGreaterThan(0, $result->get_filesize());
// Repeat immediately with the file forcing re-generation.
$new = $converter->start_document_conversion($testfile, 'pdf', true);
$this->assertSame('application/pdf', $new->get_mimetype());
$this->assertGreaterThan(0, $new->get_filesize());
$this->assertNotEquals($result->get_id(), $new->get_id());
// Note: We cannot compare contenthash for PDF because the PDF has a unique ID, and a creation timestamp
// imprinted in the file.
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