Commit a61af010 authored by mjollnir_'s avatar mjollnir_
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MDL-15760 fixed typo in language pack

parent f9b393eb
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ $string['foldercreatefailed'] = 'Failed to create your target folder on'
$string['folderlistfailed'] = 'Failed to retrieve a folder listing from';
$string['newfolder'] = 'New folder to put file(s) into';
$string['noauthtoken'] = 'Could not retrieve an authentication token for use in this session';
$string['noticket'] = 'Could not retrieve a ticket from to being the authentication session';
$string['noticket'] = 'Could not retrieve a ticket from to begin the authentication session';
$string['notarget'] = 'You must specify either an existing folder or a new folder to upload into';
$string['password'] = 'Your password (will not be stored)';
$string['sharedfolder'] = 'Shared';
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