Commit a0cd21cd authored by Simey Lameze's avatar Simey Lameze Committed by Eloy Lafuente
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MDL-53031 mod_assign: add session check on assignment plugins management

parent a0034bb0
......@@ -25,11 +25,18 @@
require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/../../config.php');
$subtype = required_param('subtype', PARAM_PLUGIN);
$action = optional_param('action', null, PARAM_PLUGIN);
$plugin = optional_param('plugin', null, PARAM_PLUGIN);
if (!empty($plugin)) {
// Create the class for this controller.
$pluginmanager = new assign_plugin_manager(required_param('subtype', PARAM_PLUGIN));
$pluginmanager = new assign_plugin_manager($subtype);
// Execute the controller.
$pluginmanager->execute(optional_param('action', null, PARAM_PLUGIN),
optional_param('plugin', null, PARAM_PLUGIN));
$pluginmanager->execute($action, $plugin);
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