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gradebook MDL-20617 added more control over what columns are displayed on the user report

parent 13738840
......@@ -149,4 +149,4 @@ if (has_capability('moodle/grade:viewall', $context)) { //Teachers will see all
echo $OUTPUT->footer();
\ No newline at end of file
echo $OUTPUT->footer();
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......@@ -21,8 +21,16 @@ defined('MOODLE_INTERNAL') || die;
if ($ADMIN->fulltree) {
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configcheckbox('grade_report_user_showrank', get_string('showrank', 'grades'), get_string('showrank_help', 'grades'), 0, PARAM_INT));
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configcheckbox('grade_report_user_showpercentage', get_string('showpercentage', 'grades'), get_string('showpercentage_help', 'grades'), 2, PARAM_INT));
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configcheckbox('grade_report_user_showrank', get_string('showrank', 'grades'), get_string('showrank_help', 'grades'), 0));
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configcheckbox('grade_report_user_showpercentage', get_string('showpercentage', 'grades'), get_string('showpercentage_help', 'grades'), 1));
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configcheckbox('grade_report_user_showgrade', get_string('showgrade', 'grades'), get_string('showgrade_help', 'grades'), 1));
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configcheckbox('grade_report_user_showfeedback', get_string('showfeedback', 'grades'), get_string('showfeedback_help', 'grades'), 1));
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configcheckbox('grade_report_user_showrange', get_string('showrange', 'grades'), get_string('showrange_help', 'grades'), 1));
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configcheckbox('grade_report_user_showweight', get_string('showweight', 'grades'), get_string('showweight_help', 'grades'), 0));
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configcheckbox('grade_report_user_showaverage', get_string('showaverage', 'grades'), get_string('showaverage_help', 'grades'), 0));
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configcheckbox('grade_report_user_showlettergrade', get_string('showlettergrade', 'grades'), get_string('showlettergrade_help', 'grades'), 0));
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configselect('grade_report_user_rangedecimals', get_string('rangedecimals', 'grades'),
get_string('rangedecimals_help', 'grades'), 0,array(0=>0, 1=>1, 2=>2, 3=>3, 4=>4, 5=>5)));
$options = array(0 => get_string('shownohidden', 'grades'),
1 => get_string('showhiddenuntilonly', 'grades'),
......@@ -34,4 +34,7 @@
.user-grade td.excluded {background-color: #666;}
.user-grade td.hidden {color: #aaa;}
.user-grade td.feedbacktext {max-width:600px;padding:0;}
.pagelayout-report .user-grade .feedbacktext .no-overflow {overflow:auto;padding:0.25em;}
\ No newline at end of file
.pagelayout-report .user-grade .feedbacktext .no-overflow {overflow:auto;padding:0.25em;}
table.user-grade td.feedbacktext {text-align:left;width: 40%;font-size: 0.8em;white-space:normal;}
table.user-grade td.itemcenter {text-align:center;}
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -531,6 +531,20 @@ $string['setpreferences'] = 'Set preferences';
$string['setting'] = 'Setting';
$string['settings'] = 'Settings';
$string['setweights'] = 'Set weights';
$string['showaverage'] = 'Show average';
$string['showaverage_help'] = 'Show the average column? Students may be able to estimate other student\'s grades if the average is calculated from a small number of grades. For performance reasons the average is approximate if it is dependent on any hidden items.';
$string['showfeedback'] = 'Show feedback';
$string['showfeedback_help'] = 'Show the feedback column?';
$string['showgrade'] = 'Show grades';
$string['showgrade_help'] = 'Show the grade column?';
$string['showlettergrade'] = 'Show letter grades';
$string['showlettergrade_help'] = 'Show the letter grade column?';
$string['showrange'] = 'Show ranges';
$string['showrange_help'] = 'Show the range column?';
$string['showweight'] = 'Show weightings';
$string['showweight_help'] = 'Show the grade weight column?';
$string['rangedecimals'] = 'Range decimal points';
$string['rangedecimals_help'] = 'The number of decimal points to display for range.';
$string['showactivityicons'] = 'Show activity icons';
$string['showactivityicons_help'] = 'If enabled, activity icons are shown next to activity names.';
$string['showallhidden'] = 'Show hidden';
......@@ -557,7 +571,7 @@ $string['shownooutcomes'] = 'Hide outcomes';
$string['shownumberofgrades'] = 'Show number of grades in averages';
$string['shownumberofgrades_help'] = 'If enabled, the number of grades used when calculating the average (mean) is displayed in brackets after each average.';
$string['showpercentage'] = 'Show percentage';
$string['showpercentage_help'] = 'This setting determines whether the percentage value of each grade item is shown.';
$string['showpercentage_help'] = 'Show the percentage value of each grade item?';
$string['showquickfeedback'] = 'Show quick feedback';
$string['showquickfeedback_help'] = 'If enabled, when editing is turned on, a feedback text input box with a dotted border appears for each grade, allowing the feedback for many grades to be edited at the same time. Changes are saved and highlighted when the update button is clicked.
......@@ -565,7 +579,7 @@ Note that when feedback is edited in the grader report, an overridden flag is se
$string['showranges'] = 'Show ranges';
$string['showranges_help'] = 'If enabled, the grader report will contain an additional row displaying the range for each category and grade item.';
$string['showrank'] = 'Show rank';
$string['showrank_help'] = 'This setting determines whether the position of the student in relation to the rest of the class is shown for each grade item.';
$string['showrank_help'] = 'Show the position of the student in relation to the rest of the class for each grade item?';
$string['showuseridnumber'] = 'Show user ID numbers';
$string['showuseridnumber_help'] = 'If enabled, user ID numbers are shown in an additional column.';
$string['showuserimage'] = 'Show user profile images';
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