Commit 93b4ecb2 authored by Aparup Banerjee's avatar Aparup Banerjee
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enrol MDL-25522 removed extra redundant definition of field names in query causing oracle issues

parent de2d81fa
......@@ -282,9 +282,9 @@ class course_enrolment_manager {
$wherecondition = implode(' AND ', $tests);
$ufields = user_picture::fields('u');
$ufields = user_picture::fields('u', array('username', 'lastaccess'));
$fields = 'SELECT, u.firstname, u.lastname, u.username,, u.lastaccess, u.picture, u.imagealt, '.$ufields;
$fields = 'SELECT '.$ufields;
$countfields = 'SELECT COUNT(1)';
$sql = " FROM {user} u
WHERE $wherecondition
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