Commit 8535cc18 authored by Dan Poltawski's avatar Dan Poltawski
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MDL-52063 forum: Moved notification is not a problem

The default behaviour of $OUTPUT->notification() is to indiciate a
parent e74ff55f
......@@ -355,7 +355,7 @@ if ($forum->type == 'qanda' && !has_capability('mod/forum:viewqandawithoutpostin
if ($move == -1 and confirm_sesskey()) {
echo $OUTPUT->notification(get_string('discussionmoved', 'forum', format_string($forum->name,true)));
echo $OUTPUT->notification(get_string('discussionmoved', 'forum', format_string($forum->name,true)), 'notifysuccess');
$canrate = has_capability('mod/forum:rate', $modcontext);
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