Commit 80b74762 authored by David Monllaó's avatar David Monllaó
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DML-53048 forms: Remove conflict resultion remaining bit

Change wrong alternative references as well.
parent 8f68e034
......@@ -5620,7 +5620,6 @@ function message_is_user_blocked($recipient, $sender = null) {
<<<<<<< 919b9dfabd69f71c088f565746c547e6e169a0b7
* Display logs.
* @deprecated since 3.2
File suppressed by a .gitattributes entry or the file's encoding is unsupported.
M.form = M.form || {};
M.form.passwordunmask = function() {
Y.log("The moodle-form-passwordunmask module has been deprecated. " +
"Please use the core_forum/passwordunmask amd module instead.", 'moodle-form-passwordunmask', 'warn');
"Please use the core_form/passwordunmask amd module instead.", 'moodle-form-passwordunmask', 'warn');
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