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MDL-14307 lang string typo fixes

parent 5ef082df
......@@ -8,11 +8,11 @@ $string['cannotupdaterelease'] = 'ERROR: Could not update release version in dat
$string['cannotsetupsite'] = 'Serious Error! Could not set up the site!';
$string['configmoodle'] = 'Moodle has not been configured yet. You need to edit config.php first.';
$string['dbnotinsert'] = 'Database error - Cannot insert ($a)';
$string['dbnotupdate'] = 'Database error - Cannot update ($a)'
$string['dbnotupdate'] = 'Database error - Cannot update ($a)';
$string['dbnotsupport'] = 'Error: Your database ($a) is not yet fully supported by Moodle or install.xml is not present. See the lib/db directory.';
$string['dbnotsetup'] = 'Error: Main databases NOT set up successfully';
$string['doesnotworkwitholdversion'] = 'This script does not work with this old verion of moodle';
$string['erroroccur'] = 'An error has occured during this process';
$string['doesnotworkwitholdversion'] = 'This script does not work with this old version of Moodle';
$string['erroroccur'] = 'An error has occurred during this process';
$string['fixsetting'] = 'Please fix your settings in config.php: <p>You have:</p> <p>\$CFG->dirroot = \"$a[0]\";</p> <p>but it should be:</p> <p>\$CFG->dirroot = \"$a[1]\"</p>';
$string['notables'] = 'No Tables!';
$string['phpvaroff'] = 'The PHP server variable \'$a[0]\' should be Off - $a[1]';
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