Commit 7be06fa5 authored by Dongsheng Cai's avatar Dongsheng Cai
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"MDL-25529 revert changes, it broke module instance creating page"

parent 4a67d7c8
......@@ -427,7 +427,6 @@ if ($mform->is_cancelled()) {
// update embedded links and save files
$modcontext = get_context_instance(CONTEXT_MODULE, $fromform->coursemodule);
if (plugin_supports('mod', $fromform->modulename, FEATURE_MOD_INTRO, true)) {
$introeditor = $fromform->introeditor;
$fromform->intro = file_save_draft_area_files($introeditor['itemid'], $modcontext->id,
'mod_'.$fromform->modulename, 'intro', 0,
array('subdirs'=>true), $introeditor['text']);
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