Commit 740a81ee authored by Damyon Wiese's avatar Damyon Wiese
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Merge branch 'MDL-60968-master' of git://

parents 8cae0850 b5883736
......@@ -1049,7 +1049,7 @@ function display_auth_lock_options($settings, $auth, $userfields, $helptext, $ma
// We are mapping to a remote field here.
// Mapping.
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configtext("auth_{$auth}/field_map_{$field}",
get_string('auth_fieldmapping', 'auth', $fieldname), '', '', PARAM_ALPHANUMEXT, 30));
get_string('auth_fieldmapping', 'auth', $fieldname), '', '', PARAM_RAW, 30));
// Update local.
$settings->add(new admin_setting_configselect("auth_{$auth}/field_updatelocal_{$field}",
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