Commit 698f3617 authored by David Monllaó's avatar David Monllaó
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MDL-60275 analytics: Specify missing prediction_action constructor arg

parent 23ab0d77
......@@ -72,14 +72,14 @@ class course_dropout extends \core_analytics\local\target\binary {
$url = new \moodle_url('/message/index.php', array('user' => $USER->id, 'id' => $studentid));
$pix = new \pix_icon('t/message', get_string('sendmessage', 'message'));
$actions[] = new \core_analytics\prediction_action('studentmessage', $prediction, $url, $pix,
get_string('sendmessage', 'message'), $attrs);
get_string('sendmessage', 'message'), false, $attrs);
// View outline report.
$url = new \moodle_url('/report/outline/user.php', array('id' => $studentid, 'course' => $sampledata['course']->id,
'mode' => 'outline'));
$pix = new \pix_icon('i/report', get_string('outlinereport'));
$actions[] = new \core_analytics\prediction_action('viewoutlinereport', $prediction, $url, $pix,
get_string('outlinereport'), $attrs);
get_string('outlinereport'), false, $attrs);
return array_merge($actions, parent::prediction_actions($prediction, $includedetailsaction));
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