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@template core_form/element-select
Simple select form element template.
Context variables required for this template:
* id - Element id,
* name - Element name,
* label - Element label,
* multiple - multi select?,
* checked - checked?,
* error - Is there an error associated with this element?,
* size - Element size,
* value - Element value,
* helpbutton - Helpbutton,
* hiddenlabel - Element hidden flag,
* frozen - Element frozen flag,
* hardfrozen - Element hard fronzen flag,
* extraclasses - Extra classes assocaited,
* type - Element type,
* attributes - Element attributes,
* options - [
text - Option text,
value - Option value,
selected - Selected?,
disabled - Disabled?,
optionattributes - Option attributes
Example context (json):
"element": {
"id": "id_maildisplay",
"name": "maildisplay",
"label": null,
"multiple": null,
"checked": null,
"error": null,
"size": null,
"value": null,
"helpbutton": "",
"hiddenlabel": false,
"frozen": false,
"hardfrozen": false,
"extraclasses": null,
"type": "select",
"attributes": "",
"options": [
"text": "Hide my email address from everyone",
"value": 0,
"selected": false,
"disabled": false,
"optionattributes": ""
"text": "Allow everyone to see my email address",
"value": 1,
"selected": true,
"disabled": false,
"optionattributes": ""
"text": "Allow only other course members to see my email address",
"value": 2,
"selected": false,
"disabled": false,
"optionattributes": ""
{{< core_form/element-template }}
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