Commit 5adf3ec6 authored by Sam Hemelryk's avatar Sam Hemelryk
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Merge branch 'MDL-32499_master' of git://

parents fd892c6f b4b6fc91
......@@ -106,8 +106,13 @@ class backup_gradingform_rubric_plugin extends backup_gradingform_plugin {
// Set sources to populate the data
array('instanceid' => backup::VAR_PARENTID));
// Binding criterionid to ensure it's existence
$filling->set_source_sql('SELECT rf.*
FROM {gradingform_rubric_fillings} rf
JOIN {grading_instances} gi ON = rf.instanceid
JOIN {gradingform_rubric_criteria} rc ON = rf.criterionid AND gi.definitionid = rc.definitionid
WHERE rf.instanceid = :instanceid',
array('instanceid' => backup::VAR_PARENTID));
// no need to annotate ids or files yet (one day when remark field supports
// embedded fileds, they must be annotated here)
......@@ -109,6 +109,9 @@ class restore_gradingform_rubric_plugin extends restore_gradingform_plugin {
$data->criterionid = $this->get_mappingid('gradingform_rubric_criterion', $data->criterionid);
$data->levelid = $this->get_mappingid('gradingform_rubric_level', $data->levelid);
$DB->insert_record('gradingform_rubric_fillings', $data);
if (!empty($data->criterionid)) {
$DB->insert_record('gradingform_rubric_fillings', $data);
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