Commit 5a0a9c8e authored by Rajesh Taneja's avatar Rajesh Taneja Committed by Andrew Nicols
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MDL-47995 lib: encode title properly, before additing it to image title

parent c2a0ce47
......@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ function resourcelib_get_extension($fullurl) {
function resourcelib_embed_image($fullurl, $title) {
$code = '';
$code .= '<div class="resourcecontent resourceimg">';
$code .= "<img title=\"".strip_tags(format_string($title))."\" class=\"resourceimage\" src=\"$fullurl\" alt=\"\" />";
$code .= "<img title=\"".s(strip_tags(format_string($title)))."\" class=\"resourceimage\" src=\"$fullurl\" alt=\"\" />";
$code .= '</div>';
return $code;
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