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MDL-39752 behat: Added information about defines in config-dist

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......@@ -739,6 +739,33 @@ $CFG->admin = 'admin';
// ),
// );
// To change name of behat parallel run site, define BEHAT_PARALLEL_SITE_NAME and parallel run sites will be suffixed
// with this value
// Example:
// define('BEHAT_PARALLEL_SITE_NAME', 'behatparallelsite');
// Command line output for parallel behat install is limited to 80 chars, if you are installing more then 4 sites and
// want to expand output to more then 80 chars, then define BEHAT_MAX_CMD_LINE_OUTPUT
// Example:
// define('BEHAT_MAX_CMD_LINE_OUTPUT', 120);
// Behat feature files will be distributed randomly between the processes by default. If you have timing file or want
// to create timing file then define BEHAT_FEATURE_TIMING_FILE with path to timing file. It will be updated for each
// run with latest time taken to execute feature.
// Example:
// If you don't have timing file and want some stable distribution of features, then you can use step counts to
// distribute the features. You can generate step file by executing php admin/tool/behat/cli/util.php --updatesteps
// this will update step file which is defined by BEHAT_FEATURE_STEP_FILE.
// Example:
// Feature distribution for each process is displayed as histogram. you can disable it by setting
// Example:
// define('BEHAT_DISABLE_HISTOGRAM', true);
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