Commit 4c7f5363 authored by Petr Škoda's avatar Petr Škoda
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MDL-34368 fix another validuntil condition

parent d3d1fec2
......@@ -1612,7 +1612,7 @@ abstract class webservice_base_server extends webservice_server {
FROM {external_services} s
JOIN {external_services_functions} sf ON (sf.externalserviceid = AND s.restrictedusers = 1 AND sf.functionname = :name2)
JOIN {external_services_users} su ON (su.externalserviceid = AND su.userid = :userid)
WHERE s.enabled = 1 AND su.validuntil IS NULL OR su.validuntil < :now $wscond2";
WHERE s.enabled = 1 AND (su.validuntil IS NULL OR su.validuntil < :now) $wscond2";
$params = array_merge($params, array('userid'=>$USER->id, 'name1'=>$function->name, 'name2'=>$function->name, 'now'=>time()));
$rs = $DB->get_recordset_sql($sql, $params);
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