Commit 454882a4 authored by Clement Smith's avatar Clement Smith Committed by Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
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MDL-50963 lang/en/grades.php: Improve bad grade error message

The error message received when inputting a grade value that is too
low indicates that zero is a valid grade value. This is incorrect as
the lowest valid grade value is 1. This updates the error message to
indicate the minimum acceptable grade value is 1, not 0.
parent ab5884d1
......@@ -451,7 +451,7 @@ $string['minimum_show'] = 'Show minimum grade';
$string['minimum_show_help'] = 'Minimum grade is used in calculating grades and weights. If not shown, minimum grade will default to zero and cannot be edited.';
$string['missingscale'] = 'Scale must be selected';
$string['mode'] = 'Mode';
$string['modgradeerrorbadpoint'] = 'Invalid Grade Value. This must be an integer between 0 and {$a}';
$string['modgradeerrorbadpoint'] = 'Invalid Grade Value. This must be an integer between 1 and {$a}';
$string['modgradeerrorbadscale'] = 'Invalid scale selected. Please make sure you select a scale from the selections below.';
$string['modgrade'] = 'Grade';
$string['modgrade_help'] = 'Select the type of grading used for this activity. If "scale" is chosen, you can then choose the scale from the "scale" dropdown. If using "point" grading, you can then enter the maximum grade available for this activity.';
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