Commit 40e07bdd authored by stronk7's avatar stronk7
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Preparing for blogs backup. New string. MDL-9089 ; merged from 19_STABLE

parent 240075cd
......@@ -1619,6 +1619,7 @@ $string['wordforteacher'] = 'Your word for Teacher';
$string['wordforteachereg'] = 'eg Teacher, Tutor, Facilitator etc';
$string['wordforteachers'] = 'Your word for Teachers';
$string['wordforteacherseg'] = 'eg Teachers, Tutors, Facilitators etc';
$string['writingblogsinfo'] = 'Writing blogs info';
$string['writingcategoriesandquestions'] = 'Writing categories and questions';
$string['writingcoursedata'] = 'Writing course data';
$string['writingeventsinfo'] = 'Writing events info';
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