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Added new config directives for default block functions.

parent 25d18413
......@@ -152,10 +152,21 @@ $CFG->admin = 'admin';
// Setting this to true will enable admins to edit any post at any time
// $CFG->admineditalways = true;
// This variable will override the default block configuration on newly
// created courses, or on upgraded courses from Moodle 1.2.1 and earlier.
// The names here should all be existing blocks in the "blocks" directory.
// $CFG->defaultblocks = "participants,activity_modules,search_forums,admin,course_list:news_items,calendar_upcoming,recent_activity";
// These variables define default block variables.
// **WARNING** -- If it is set it is the only one that is used.
// $CFG->defaultblocks_override = 'participants,activity_modules,search_forums,admin,course_list:news_items,calendar_upcoming,recent_activity';
// These variables define the specific settings for defined course formats.
// **WARNING ** -- They override any settings defined in the format's own config
// file.
$CFG->defaultblocks_site = 'site_main_menu,admin,course_list:course_summary,calendar_month';
// $CFG->defaultblocks_social = 'participants,search_forums,calendar_month,calendar_upcoming,social_activities,recent_activity,admin,course_list';
// $CFG->defaultblocks_topics = 'participants,activity_modules,search_forums,admin,course_list:news_items,calendar_upcoming,recent_activity';
// $CFG->defaultblocks_weeks = 'participants,activity_modules,search_forums,admin,course_list:news_items,calendar_upcoming,recent_activity';
// This variable is used when no other default setting is found.
$CFG->defaultblocks = 'participants,activity_modules,search_forums,admin,course_list:news_items,calendar_upcoming,recent_activity';
// This setting will put Moodle in Unicode mode. It's very new and
// most likely doesn't work yet. THIS IS FOR DEVELOPERS ONLY, IT IS
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