Commit 36553104 authored by Frederic Massart's avatar Frederic Massart
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MDL-56168 theme_boost: Make default accent colour match preset

parent 6c43d831
......@@ -43,11 +43,11 @@ if ($ADMIN->fulltree) {
// Variable $body-color.
// We do not set a default value because the default colour should come from the preset.
$name = 'theme_boost/brandcolor';
$title = get_string('brandcolor', 'theme_boost');
$description = get_string('brandcolor_desc', 'theme_boost');
$default = '#373A3C'; // Straight from bootstrap variables.
$setting = new admin_setting_configcolourpicker($name, $title, $description, $default, null, false);
$setting = new admin_setting_configcolourpicker($name, $title, $description, null, null, false);
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