Commit 34dd5900 authored by moodler's avatar moodler
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FIxed my last hasty checkin

parent 3c6b56da
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@
$loginstring = "<font size=\"2\"><a href=\"$wwwroot/login/index.php\">".get_string('login').'</a></font>';
} else {
$loginstring = '<font size="1">'. user_login_string($site) .'</font>';
add_to_log(SITEID, "course", "view", "view.php?id=$course->id", SITEID);
add_to_log(SITEID, 'course', 'view', 'view.php?id='.SITEID, SITEID);
if (empty($CFG->langmenu)) {
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