Commit 34aeacad authored by sam marshall's avatar sam marshall
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MDL-60174 Document new dboption in config-dist.php

parent a938e409
......@@ -70,6 +70,15 @@ $CFG->dboptions = array(
// can be removed for MySQL (by default it will
// use 'utf8mb4_unicode_ci'. This option should
// be removed for all other databases.
// 'fetchbuffersize' => 100000, // On PostgreSQL, this option sets a limit
// on the number of rows that are fetched into
// memory when doing a large recordset query
// (e.g. search indexing). Default is 100000.
// Uncomment and set to a value to change it,
// or zero to turn off the limit. You need to
// set to zero if you are using pg_bouncer in
// 'transaction' mode (it is fine in 'session'
// mode).
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