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MDL-58889 boost: Use underline links in footer

It's impossible to gain the right colour contrast against a dark footer
using the same primary colour that gets 4.5 against white.
parent 5918f31e
/* core.less */
// When we upgrade boostrap to v4 release, we will need to change this to be used by the text-white class.
// Because a primary colour that is both AA accessible on grey (footer) and white is not possible, we always
// want white default colour.
$bg-inverse-link-color: #fff !default;
#region-main > .card {
overflow-x: auto;
overflow-y: visible;
......@@ -2096,9 +2101,24 @@ ul {
$footer-link-color: $brand-primary !default;
// Footer link colour was added to allow the colour of footer links to be changed,
// but really in bootstrap we want the colour of links on .bg-inverse to be changed
// rather than being specific to the footer. This is kept for backwards compatibility.
$footer-link-color: $bg-inverse-link-color !default;
#page-footer a {
color: $footer-link-color;
text-decoration: underline;
.icon {
color: $footer-link-color;
.bg-inverse a {
color: $bg-inverse-link-color;
text-decoration: underline;
.icon {
color: $bg-inverse-link-color;
.sitelink {
This file describes API changes in /theme/boost
information provided here is intended especially for theme designers.
=== 3.4 ===
* For improved accessibility, the footer links for boost have been changed to use $bg-inverse-link-color (defaults to white) and
now have an underline text-decoration. To override the link colour simply set $bg-inverse-link-color in your preset file or
theme scss.
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