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MDL-57089 boost: Fix single select rendering

Also added context docs to the template file
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@template core/single_select
Moodle template for a single select submit form.
Context variables required for this template:
* name - Element name.
* method - get or post.
* action - the action url to submit to.
* classes - Element classes.
* label - Element label.
* disabled - true if this element is disabled.
* title - Element title.
* formid - optional id value for the form.
* id - id for the element.
* params - array of params with name and value attributes.
* hasnothing - true if element has no options.
* nothingkey - nothing key to be set.
* options - Array of options for the select with value, name , slected and optgroup properites.
* labelattributes - Label attributes.
* helpicon - Help icon.
Example context (json):
"name": "lang",
"method": "get",
"action": "http://localhost/stable_master/mod/scorm/player.php",
"classes": "autosubmit langmenu",
"label": "Zombies are coming...",
"disabled": false,
"title": null,
"formid": "randomid",
"id": "single_select5833dd4f4b08d108",
"params": [
"name": "scoid",
"value": "12"
"name": "cm",
"value": "15"
"name": "mode",
"value": "review"
"name": "currentorg",
"value": "eXeMapADrive4823c6301cf72b22b72"
"hasnothing": false,
"nothingkey": false,
"options": [
"value": "en",
"name": "English (en)",
"selected": true,
"optgroup": false
"value": "ar",
"name": "Muhaaaa..",
"selected": false,
"optgroup": false
"labelattributes": [],
"helpicon": false
<div class="{{classes}} d-inline-block">
<form method="{{method}}" action="{{action}}" class="form-inline" id="{{formid}}">
......@@ -16,12 +104,12 @@
<optgroup label="{{name}}">
<option value="{{value}}" {{#selected}}selected{{/selected}}>{{name}}</option>
<option value="{{value}}" {{#selected}}selected{{/selected}}>{{{name}}}</option>
<option value="{{value}}" {{#selected}}selected{{/selected}}>{{name}}</option>
<option value="{{value}}" {{#selected}}selected{{/selected}}>{{{name}}}</option>
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