Commit 16134e33 authored by David Monllaó's avatar David Monllaó
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Merge branch 'MDL-51215-28' of git:// into MOODLE_28_STABLE

parents 5608e36d c34a1b7b
......@@ -1671,9 +1671,10 @@ class core_course_renderer extends plugin_renderer_base {
$site = get_site();
$output = '';
if (can_edit_in_category($category)) {
if (can_edit_in_category($coursecat->id)) {
// Add 'Manage' button if user has permissions to edit this category.
$managebutton = $this->single_button(new moodle_url('/course/management.php'), get_string('managecourses'), 'get');
$managebutton = $this->single_button(new moodle_url('/course/management.php',
array('categoryid' => $coursecat->id)), get_string('managecourses'), 'get');
if (!$coursecat->id) {
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