Commit 1569ebe6 authored by skodak's avatar skodak
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MDL-14301 wrong label - credit goes to Daniele Cordella; merged from MOODLE_19_STABLE

parent 6b87f638
......@@ -450,7 +450,7 @@ if (!function_exists('ldap_connect')) { // Is php4-ldap really there?
<tr valign="top">
<td align="right"><label for="ntlmsso_enabled"><?php print_string('auth_ntlmsso_enabled_key','auth') ?></label></td>
<td align="right"><label for="menuntlmsso_enabled"><?php print_string('auth_ntlmsso_enabled_key','auth') ?></label></td>
choose_from_menu($yesno, 'ntlmsso_enabled', $config->ntlmsso_enabled, '0');
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