Commit 0d9704d8 authored by gthomas2's avatar gthomas2
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MDL-57913 auth_db: warn CLI about scheduled task, abort CLI if scheduled task enabled

parent 1b5c0dd8
......@@ -81,6 +81,14 @@ if (!is_enabled_auth('db')) {
cli_error('auth_db plugin is disabled, synchronisation stopped', 2);
cli_problem('[AUTH DB] The sync users cron has been deprecated. Please use the scheduled task instead.');
// Abort execution of the CLI script if the \auth_db\task\sync_users is enabled.
$task = \core\task\manager::get_scheduled_task('auth_db\task\sync_users');
if (!$task->get_disabled()) {
cli_error('[AUTH DB] The scheduled task sync_users is enabled, the cron execution has been aborted.');
if (empty($options['verbose'])) {
$trace = new null_progress_trace();
} else {
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