Commit 07d1a2f3 authored by Jerome Mouneyrac's avatar Jerome Mouneyrac
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MDL-41232 revert IE8 fix for solving unspoken filemanager details on View List selection

parent 68291f2d
......@@ -792,12 +792,6 @@ M.core_filepicker.init = function(Y, options) {
}'.fp-content').setAttribute('tabindex', '0');
// Temporary fix for IE8 until MDL-41229 is integrated.
// The role dialog is needed for screen reader to read
// the filepicker's content (MDL-41232).'.fp-content').setAttribute('role', 'dialog');'.fp-content').setAttribute('aria-live', 'assertive');
// End of temporary fix.'.fp-content').focus();
// display/hide the link for requesting next page
if (!appenditems && this.active_repo.hasmorepages) {
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