Commit 01b3b79a authored by Tim Hunt's avatar Tim Hunt
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MDL-50341 quiz statistics: non-attempted questions broke first-try stats

For behaviours that allow multiple tries, and when the teacher had chosen to
generate statistics for the first tries only, and when a student had not
attempted one question, then an error occurred. It should have been classified
as no response.
parent 14d27910
......@@ -298,7 +298,12 @@ abstract class question_behaviour {
} else {
$stepswithsubmit = $this->qa->get_steps_with_submitted_response_iterator();
if ($whichtries == question_attempt::FIRST_TRY) {
return $this->question->classify_response($stepswithsubmit[1]->get_qt_data());
$firsttry = $stepswithsubmit[1];
if ($firsttry) {
return $this->question->classify_response($firsttry->get_qt_data());
} else {
return $this->question->classify_response(array());
} else {
$classifiedresponses = array();
foreach ($stepswithsubmit as $submittedresponseno => $step) {
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