Commit 00f5c955 authored by Damyon Wiese's avatar Damyon Wiese
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MDL-57012 boost: Filepicker layout fix

Use container-fluid which is always 100% wide.
parent cd4a6b8b
<div tabindex="0" class="file-picker fp-generallayout container row" role="dialog" aria-live="assertive">
<div tabindex="0" class="file-picker fp-generallayout container-fluid row" role="dialog" aria-live="assertive">
<div class="fp-repo-area col-md-3 nav nav-pills nav-stacked">
<div class="fp-repo nav-item">
<a href="#" class="nav-link"><img class="fp-repo-icon" alt=" " width="16" height="16" />&nbsp;<span class="fp-repo-name"></span></a>
......@@ -58,4 +58,4 @@
<div class="fp-content card"></div>
\ No newline at end of file
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