Commit 00f1a102 authored by David Monllaó's avatar David Monllaó Committed by Andrew Nicols
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MDL-46710 mod_lti: Removing duplicated generated events

Event generation and completion should be generated only once.
parent 474b1e00
......@@ -94,24 +94,6 @@ if ($launchcontainer == LTI_LAUNCH_CONTAINER_EMBED_NO_BLOCKS) {
// Mark viewed by user (if required).
$completion = new completion_info($course);
$params = array(
'context' => $context,
'objectid' => $lti->id
// Prevent double logging when launching in a new window is configured.
if ($launchcontainer != LTI_LAUNCH_CONTAINER_WINDOW) {
$event = \mod_lti\event\course_module_viewed::create($params);
$event->add_record_snapshot('course_modules', $cm);
$event->add_record_snapshot('course', $course);
$event->add_record_snapshot('lti', $lti);
$pagetitle = strip_tags($course->shortname.': '.format_string($lti->name));
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