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    MDL-45296 tests: ensure all submissions exist · 2fe085b2
    Eloy Lafuente authored
    The changes performed with the change from
    create_from_user() to create_from_submission()
    in practice enforce a new restriction about
    submissions having to exist in order to fire
    their lock/unlock events.
    This did not exist before the change and, also,
    it seems that the assign api itself, submission->lock() ...
    also accepts non existing submissions.
    So I was not 100% sure about how to fix these events:
    1) enforcing submission to exist.
    2) firing them only if the submission exist.
    I've gone with 1) for now, making tests to pass. But will
    raise the question in the Tracker, just in case we have
    to move to the 2) approach for any reason.