A minor upgrade from 14.5.2 to 14.7.0 version will be performed next Friday, January 28 starting at 8 pm UTC up to 8.20 pm UTC. A short 20 min downtime is expected.

Commit fcaf55e7 authored by Andrew Nicols's avatar Andrew Nicols
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runTask: Escape backslashes

parent 11f99902
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ def call(String task, String branch, String repo, String phpversion, String data
stage("Detect Moodle Version") {
steps {
moodleversion = sh grep '$branch' moodle/version.php | sed "s/^[^']*'\([^']*\).*$/\1/"
moodleversion = sh grep '$branch' moodle/version.php | sed "s/^[^']*'\\([^']*\\).*$/\\1/"
runner = "${env.PATHTORUNNER}/${moodleversion}"
if (!fileExists(runner)) {
runner "${env.PATHTORUNNER}/master"
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